Positioning public education in ypsilanti and augusta for success

Preparation & Action

Struggling schools is a reality throughout the State of Michigan and we are experiencing that right here in Eastern Washtenaw County. While the County Commission does not have direct jurisdiction over public education, the Commission does serve the students, teachers, staff, and volunteers who exist within those walls each day. This means that it is a direct responsibility as a County Commissioner to fight for the health and well being of learners and educators. As County Commissioner, I will know that it is my responsibility to help build a community environment that gives students and teachers the best opportunity to thrive. This means providing educational opportunities for all learners.


A holistic approach is vital when preparing a community to succeed in education. It is so much harder to focus on learning and teaching when you or your family are concerned about finances, experiencing mental or physical health challenges, and any number of other struggles in your daily environment. That is why I am committed to putting people first! The County Commission has the opportunity to help through funding programming and expanding strategic community partnerships.

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