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“I have committed my career so far to mental health services, particularly for families and children. We need people in positions of power who have done direct work with people, who have interacted with people at some of the worst times in their lives and know the types of problems they experience and what services would be helpful.”

 - J. Hodge


As a social worker with years of experience providing therapeutic care to children and families, I am aware of how vital it is for people to have access to adequate health and mental health services in their own community. Basic health care and the security of knowing it is there allows people to live out fuller lives: to be ready to learn at school, be present at work or care for their families. Lack of accessible and affordable services has long been a concern on the east side of the County. I am ready to fight for the residents of Ypsilanti and Augusta.

To improve accessibility I will work to increase availability of home-based services as well as options for transportation to and from appointments. I will create opportunities for community health education through workshops and events. All of this can be accomplished through funding from the mental health and public safety millage as well as building partnerships with community agencies and nonprofits who are already hard at work to in your communities. These relationships allow pooling of resources to better serve you and your family with expanded programming options, transportation services, and services in new locations.

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