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We've accomplished a lot over the last four years! Learn more about my work on the county board by exploring the bullets below.


  • Passed the Opportunity Index Resolution to help promote equity when allocating County resources

  • Earmarked recreational marijuana tax revenue for equity initiatives

  • Ensured $15 per hour for all regular full-time County employees

  • Supported the Prescription for Health program, which reduces food insecurity and improve fruit and vegetable consumption

  • Funded the Prosecutor's Office’s Conviction Integrity and Expungement Unit

  • Allocated funds to help address gaps in childcare access, promoted children’s savings accounts, funded broadband infrastructure, improved broadband affordability, and weatherized infrastructure across the County


  • Allocated funds to support the County Health Department, launched a mobile services support initiative, and created the Community Priority Fund, which increased equitable, community-informed allocations of funds to support full ecosystem development for organizations who have not been previously eligible to contract with Washtenaw County and provide low barrier funding source for agencies serving 48197 and 4819.

  • Invested in our public health systems across a number of areas to promote health equity by making investments in people, neighborhoods, homes, and places, using data tools like the Opportunity Index, the social vulnerability index, and qualified census tracts to guide investments

  • Allocated $7,000,000 to fund the new Eastside Community & Recreation Center

  • Approved the Climate Action Plan - Resilient Washtenaw to transition our County to clean energy and build resiliency against climate change

  • Funded the New Human Services Partnership

  • Created the Financial Empowerment Center to help Washtenaw residents take control of their financial futures

  • Held County vendors responsible for funding voter suppression efforts

  • Distributed $400,000 to the Barrier Buster Emergency Unmet Needs Fund

  • Passed numerous resolutions advocating for food access funding

  • Passed a violence interruption resolution to reduce the scourge of gun violence in our community

  • Distributed ARPA 3.0 funds, which went towards:

    • Supporting County workers throughout the organization who worked in-person/on front-line during the pandemic

    • Supporting seniors through senior-serving community organizations

    • Providing housing access through the development of a mixed-income, home ownership development at 220 N. Park in Ypsilanti

    • Creating a matching fund program for local cities, townships, and villages for sewage and storm water maintenance


  • Established the Washtenaw County Advisory Council on Reparations

  • Funded the Prosecutor’s Office’s Economic Justice Unit

  • Secured Paid Parental Leave for county employees

  • Accepted the $15,000,000 state grant for the Eastside Community and Recreation Center

  • Accepted a $3,000,000 grant from HUD for the Eastside Recreation and Community Center

  • Allocated $2,180,000 for use for assistance to individuals and households currently homeless, at risk of homelessness, and/or undergoing or at risk of eviction and/or in need of diversion support.

  • Allocated $500,000 to Community Corrections for the tethering program that kept people out of jail
  • Directed County negotiators to raise the minimum wage to $20.50
  • Allocated $5.8 Million to Housing and Human Services in April 2023 alone


  • Established the Washtenaw County Opioid Settlement Steering Committee

  • Purchased the Cheney Elementary School property to demolish and begin construction of the Eastside Community and Recreation Center

  • Created 4 permanent HAWC Intake Operators

  • Extended winter sheltering

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