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I believe that everyone across our county should have the opportunity to be healthy, to build wealth, and to be safe. Your zip code should not determine the opportunities available to you. I will fight for the residents of District 5 and our whole county.


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Donations by check can be mailed to Friends of Justin Hodge, 1606 Huron St #970491, Ypsilanti, MI 48197 

Political donations are not tax deductible


Below is a series of brief videos produced during our successful 2020 campaign covering my thoughts on a variety of issues affecting our county. 

My platform opportunity for all

Below is my campaign launch video from our successful 2020 race. I stand by my platform and continue working to advance these priorities.


No matter where you live in Washtenaw County, you should have access to quality and affordable healthcare, and transportation should not be a barrier to seeing a provider. I will fight for home-based healthcare services as well as options for transportation to and from appointments. Everyone, regardless of where they live in the county, should get the healthcare that they need.


Our county is one of the most economically segregated regions in the entire country. We must do better. You should be able to get a good job to provide for yourself and your loved ones, as well as build wealth and purchase a home if you so choose. I will fight for financial services that help our residents build wealth and challenge the forces that keep people in poverty and debt.


You should feel safe, no matter where you are in this county. Our Sheriff's Office is a model of excellence nationwide, but we have several other police forces in our county. I will fight for consistency in policing, training, and much greater community engagement. I know that the relationship between police and our community is a two-way street.

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