Current & Former Elected Officials

Jerry Clayton
Washtenaw County Sheriff
David Rutledge
Former State Representative
Jimmie Wilson Jr.
Ypsilanti Township Trustee
Linda Adams
Augusta Township Trustee
Former Augusta Township Trustee
Annie Somerville
Ypsilanti City Council Member
Jason Morgan
Chair, Washtenaw County Commission
Katie Scott
Chair, Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners Ways and Means Committee
Sue Shink
Chair, Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners Working Session Committee
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Washtenaw County Commissioner
Shannon Beeman
Washtenaw County Commissioner
Jason Maciejewski
Washtenaw County Commissioner
Kathy Stroud
Former Washtenaw
County Commissioner
Gillian Ream Gainsley
Treasurer, Ypsilanti Community Schools Board of Trustees
Theresa Maddix
Treasurer, Ypsilanti District Library Board of Trustees
Adam Zemke
Former State Representative
Susan Baskett
Ann Arbor School Board Trustee
Margaret Leary
Former Ann Arbor
Library Board Trustee
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community leaders

Jo Ann McCollum
President of the New West Willow Neighborhood Association and Washtenaw County Road Commissioner
Moe Maurice E Stovall Sr.
Gault Village Neighborhood
Watch Coordinator
Tajalli Hodge
Sugarbrook Neighborhood Watch Coordinator
Elizabeth Thompson
Wingate Neighborhood
Watch Coordinator
Morgan McGovern
Ypsilanti Township Zoning Board of Appeals Commissioner
Derrick Jackson
Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office Director of Community Engagement
Alyshia Dyer
Former Washtenaw
County Deputy Sheriff
Alex Thomas
Community Activist and Producer of the Alex Thomas Show
Kristin Howard
Business Owner
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Grace Fellowship
Church House of Solutions
Community Family Life Center
President of Eastern Washtenaw NAACP Ypsilanti/Willow-Run Branch
Melvin Parson
Executive Director of We The People Opportunity Farm
Marquan Jackson
Director of Eastern Michigan University's Family
Empowerment Program
Trische' Duckworth
Executive Director of Survivors Speak and Community Activist
Chris Savage
Community Activist, Publisher of Eclectablog, Host of GOTMV Show
Travis Radina
President of the
Jim Toy Community Center
Krystle DuPree
Community Activist
King Solomon Baptist Church
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